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2022 is coming! Get your free Calendar

2022 is coming! Get your free Calendar

Today, we offer to get your Free 2022 Calendar from:

  • PWC - Fayetteville's Home Town Utility: It's an association. On March 4, 1905, it created this association to manage, operate and supervise the electric, water and wastewater utilities in the City of Fayetteville.
  • Athens-Clark Country Unified Government: Clarke County was established in 1801 and Athens was established as a town in 1805. In 1990, the citizens of the City of Athens and Clarke County voted to unify their governments. 
  • Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village: The Unity spiritual is a movement began around 1800s. It based on prayer and the power of mind over body. The first issue of Modern Thought came out in 1889 and is now called Unity Magazine®.

How to get your free calendar: 

  • Click on the link of the calendar of your choice: PWC - ACC - Unity
  • Fill out the request form
  • Like a winner, be patient. Your 2022 calendar will arrive by mail!


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