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Free Sample: Hair oil by Vatika

Free Sample: Hair oil by Vatika

"Everyone’s hair is different and faces different challenges, but we embrace and celebrate differences! We’re different, because you are." — by Vatika.


Vatika is a world-leading ayurvedic and natural product company founded over 135 years ago. 

They have always prided ourselves on manifesting nature’s amazing powers in nourishing, rejuvenating and adding vitality to hair.

How it looks, smells, feels, and makes you feel. Their products are made to care for your hair.

South Asian women are known for their long, luscious locks because they know the secret to healthy hair.

The secret is nature. Nourishing hair with ingredients available in the natural world leads to luxurious hair, which is why our products are made using natural ingredients.

Vatika wants to give both your hair and scalp complete nourishment for that problem-free and radiant crowning glory. 


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