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Every Monday in September at Fatburger get your Free Milkshake!

Every Monday in September at Fatburger get your Free Milkshake!

” The name of the store was my idea, I wanted to get across the idea of a big burger with everything on it. . . a meal in itself. “— Fatburger Founder, Lovie Yancey.

Every Monday, come and claim your favorite big milkshake at Fatburger.

Founded in 1947 by Lovie Yancey, an entrepreneur, Fatburger is a mega successful franchise around the world.

Every day, it provides the fresh quality ingredients and every burger is handmade.

Their formula Milkshake is made with 100% real ice cream. The Shake is extremely thick and rich, due to generous scoops of ice cream in it. With a large choice, you could choose your favorite flavor, such as: Banana, Strawberry, and more.

How to claim a free Milkshake every Monday in September at Fatburger:

  • Create your account in the Fatburger app.
  • Select your offer.
  • No purchase is necessary, your milkshake is free!
  • Or if you don't have an account you could too: Go in the nearest Fatburger use the promo code MILKSHAKEMONDAY21 and redeem it.
  • When you order online, mention it in-store to get your free milkshake.

For any doubt about the burger composition, don’t hesitate to consult their Website.


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