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Free Earplugs from Mack's

Free Earplugs from Mack\'s

Amazing offer alert ! Get a chance to win your free ear plug from Mack's ! Mack's® Earplugs (named after the previous owner) was made of a moldable clay mixture. Mack's aim to make your Earplug  more comfortable to increase wearability. Also, Raymond Benner the owner of Mack'swho was an avid swimmer , he thought a stickier, more malleable substance would better seal out water, thus preventing the annoyance of water-clogged ears. He knew a waterproof earplug would also help prevent the painful outer ear infections known as "swimmer's ear"Amazing offer alert  open to a limited daily number of respondents (Monday - Friday). Don't wait any longer. Click here and get a chance to win your free ear plug ! 

You can choose between a lot's of variety : 

for a better sleep, music, travel, studying and a lot more !

  • Click here to be redirect to Mack's page of samples
  • Fill the form with your informations
  • Wait for your sample 

As a winner please be very patient as you wait for yourFree Earplugs from Mack's  to arrive. Like most orders, it can take a few weeks.

Limit one submission per household. For U.S. residents only.

This offer is provided to individuals only. Corporations, business entities, associations or groups may not participate.

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