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Freebie spotmy UV sample

Freebie spotmy UV sample

 Get your 100% freebie spotmy uv sample here

Spotmyuv Sticker indicates whether your sunscreen is still active or it’s already worn out, changing from clear to purple. Go to the linked page, add the item to your cart and complete the checkout process to place an order. Free shipping is included as well.

Whether it's a day at the beach or an afternoon on the trail, always remember to reapply your sunscreen. SPOTMYUV prompts you so you don't forget.

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Each time you cover your SPOTMYUV® sticker with sunscreen, your SPOT will turn clear, showing you that you're protected from the sun's harmful UV rays. When your sunscreen wears off, SPOTMYUV® turns purple again to remind you to reapply your sunscreen. Each SPOT lasts one day, 12 hours in outdoor sun.

Dermatologist & pediatrician tested
Hypoallergenic adhesive, latex free
Water-resistant - stays on while swimming.
Tells you when to reapply your sunscreen
Tells you if your sunscreen is working
Works with your favorite sunscreen

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