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100% Free Exederm sample

100% Free Exederm sample

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The skin can be very sensitive and sometimes needs a special care. Eczema, dermatitis and dry sensitive skin sufferers need specific treatment.

After your bath or shower your skin becomes dry, tight and sore causing itchy skin. The skin has a layer of oil which is a natural oil create by the body. This oil helps retain moisture in the skin, but use of soaps, detergents and shower gels strip the skin of this essential layer.

If you want to avoid this dryness, replace washes, shower gels and bubble baths with Exederm cleansing wash. It is softer and very gentle for your skin. For a deeper moisturizing process follow with the eczema cream moisturizer sample

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  • Fill the form with your informations and follow the instructions from their website to get your free sample.
  • Wait for your sample 

Please as a winner you have to be very patient. Expect 1-2 months for your sample to arrive at home. Thank you for your interest in Exederm products.The offer is restricted to the US addresses and is limited to one per family.

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