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Tobacco is used by 1.3 billion people worldwide, many of whom aspire to leave nicotine behind.

Despite existing for over 15 years, e-cigarettes and vaping still represent less than 5% of total US Nicotine consumption according to Nielsen data, with many users returning to cigarettes over time. 

The reason for this is simple; these alternatives only perpetuate the problem of nicotine addiction, using a delivery mechanism that consumers don’t prefer.

TAAT™ allows smokers to continue enjoying the sensations of smoking, but without any nicotine.

At TAAT™ we understand that smokers don’t just use cigarettes because of the nicotine, it’s also about the rituals, moments and experience associated with smoking a cigarette.   TAAT™   Beyond Tobacco™  cigarettes mimic those experiences without nicotine or tobacco. Smokers now truly have the choice to reduce their nicotine in-take without compromising their smoking experience.

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