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Free Coors Seltzers Pack

Free Coors Seltzers Pack

Coors Seltzer are drinks rooted in a higher purpose to give back, making it easy for consumers to have positive impact on the world. This variety pack includes four delicious flavors: black cherry, mango, lemon-lime and grapefruit.

Crafted with alcohol from real cane sugar, these gluten free alcohol drinks contain a 4.5% ABV and 90 calories per serving. These hard seltzer drinks are perfectly balanced, have rich aromas of fresh fruit and a brisk and refreshingly clean finish. Coors Seltzers is giving away their packs for free hurry up and get one right now! Simply follow our link and sign up with your details to get it delivered at your doorsteps.

How to get a Free Coors Seltzers Pack:

  • First, click on this link and you will be redirected to the Coors Seltzers official campaign webpage.
  • Then enter your date of birth, and follow each step by filling out your information and shipping address via a short survey.
  • Please allow a few weeks for delivery.

Click here to get a Free Coors Seltzers Pack

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