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Free 2021 Lushootseed Calendar

Free 2021 Lushootseed Calendar

Lushootseed is one of the Native American languages spoken mostly in Washington State and South-West Canada. Lushootseed is one of the Coast Salish languages. The latter is one of two main divisions of the Salishan language family. Lushootseed can be considered a relatively agglutinating language, given its high number of morphemes, including a large number of lexical suffixes. Interesting isn't it? 

So what about putting your hands on an ancient American language calendar? This great calendar also features images of native American plants and medicinal powers! Currently, you can download a digital version of it, or visit their Tribal Administration Building or Lushootseed Offices for a Free Print Copy! 

How to get a Free 2021 Lushootseed Calendar:

  • First, click on this link and you will be redirected to
  • Then scroll down and print or download your calendar for free!
  • You can also learn a lot about history and this interesting dialect on their webpage.a 

Click here to get a Free 2021 Lushootseed Calendar

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