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Biomee Skincare Product for Free

Biomee Skincare Product for Free

Biomee is developed by MC2 Therapeutics. They are dedicated to redefining topical therapies and releasing the full potential of the skin ecosystem. Once they had developed PAD Technology, they turned their focus to understanding the root cause of chronic inflammatory skin conditions and dryitchy and sensitive skin.

Right now you can request a free PAD sample, and perhaps share your experience with them before they launch later in the year. They will be sending out Free Skincare Products based on your survey answers on your type of skin and concerns! To access the survey, follow the given link and enter the “MC2C2CUS” voucher ID.

How to get a Free Biomee Skincare Product:

  • First, click on this link and you will be redirected to the Biomee Sample request webpage.
  • Use the code "MC2C2CUS" in order to enter the questionnaire. Then fill out your information and skin concerns via the form.
  • Then you will receive your Biomee skincare samples by mail, please wait a few weeks. 

Click here to get a Free Biomee Skincare Product

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