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Free Ministry of Supply Clothing

Free Ministry of Supply Clothing

Ministry of Supply is based out of Boston and born in the labs of MIT, they engineer for motion, comfort, easy-care, and the planet. Think products that are breathable, stretchy, sweatproof, and easy to care for. At the start of a challenging pandemic, they donated 70,000 masks to hospitals and shelters. With unemployment rates soaring, they felt like that wasn’t enough.

That's why with the help of their friends at Sezzle, they are proud to introduce Starter Kits: $250,000 worth of clothing and masks freely available to anyone who needs a fresh (and safe) starts! 

How to get Free Ministry of Supply Clothing:

  • Click on this link and you will be redirected to the Ministry of Supply official webpage.
  • Then scroll down to where it says “Start Now, Pay Never: Apply for a Starter Kit" then hit "Apply Now" and fill out the form.
  • Please allow a few weeks for delivery.

Click here to get Free Ministry of Supply Clothing

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