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Free Protac PM2.5 Breathing Mask

Free Protac PM2.5 Breathing Mask

The popular ammunition company AmericanGunners came up with his own PM2.5 breathing mask. The company, indeed, takes the situation seriously and claims that the Coronavirus is no joke and everyone should wear protection.

This Breathing Mask has high protection PM2.5 filtration and a smooth breathing valve included. Which also protects you from dust, pollen, and other airborne particles. Not only is the mask lightweight and breathable, but it's also water-resistant unlike home-made cloth masks recommended by the CDC that can actually absorb moisture! The Protac PM2.5 is the preferred protection mask for Americans for comfort and protection!

Stay protected with a comfortable and stylish designed mask!

How to get your free PM2.5 Mask

  • Click on this link and you will be redirected to the mask request webpage.
  • Then, fill out a short form with a few information in order to organize the delivery of your package. 
  • Allow up to a few weeks for delivery.

     Click here to get your PM2.5 Mask for free

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