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Free LightLife Plant-Based Burgers

Free LightLife Plant-Based Burgers

Lightlife is a company that produces vegetarian and vegan-meat substitutes. Lightlife was founded in Greenfield in 1979 before relocating to TurnerFalls in 1998. 

Committed to share their love for plant-based food, they are now sending out free coupons for their meatless burgers. By sourcing simple ingredients from plants and blending them with fragrant herbs and spices, they process their food only to bring out each ingredient’s natural flavor and full nutritional potential. Because less process is best!

How to get your free Lightlife Meatless Burger:

  • First, click on this link and you will be redirected to the coupon request webpage.

  • Then hit "Get Coupon" and provide your phone number after you choose either text or phone call to get your PIN.

  • Enter the required info in the form, then you shall receive your free LightLife Plant-Based Burgers Coupon in a few weeks.

    Click Here to get your free LightLife Plant-Based Burger Coupon

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