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Free Bilingual eBooks for Kids

Free Bilingual eBooks for Kids

KidKiddos Books is the home of bilingual children's books. More than 20 languages available: from English, Spanish, French to Chinese, Tagalog and Japanese.

Kidkiddos Books’ collection of bilingual stories told in English and another language have some ebooks that are currently available for download at no cost! Raise your kids through the magic of reading! 

How to get a free KidKiddos Ebook:

  • Click on this link and you will be redirected to the online library catalogue.

  • Simply choose a free book and add it to your cart, then hit the "check out" button.

  • Then fill out a short form with your address. Despite the button "payment", the procedure is totally free. 

Click here to get free KidKiddos Bilinguals Ebooks

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