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Free MERV-13 Face Mask Inserts

Free MERV-13 Face Mask Inserts

It is now more important than ever to respect all of the rules to protect ourselves and others from Covid-19. As we all still need to respect the social distancing rules, we also need to make sure to wear our face masks when around other people. As face masks can be expensive depending where you are, a good alternative is to create your own face mask from fabric that you have at home. 

However in order to make this home-made face mask really effective, you need to add a small adjustment to it: a MERV-13 face mask insert. All you need to do is create a face mask with your fabric that can be folded in two and simply put the MERV-13 insert inside your mask. You can now get one for free by clicking on the appropriate link below. 

How to get a free MERV-13 Face Mask Insert:

Click on the state where you live.

Then, simply follow the process on their website. You will most likely just have to enter a few information in order to organize the delivery of your package. 

Please allow a few weeks for delivery as demands are very high at the moment.

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August 13, 2020

This article was really helpful mainly because I got the chance to read everyone’s responses and it was relatable.

Kim Gedraitis
August 14, 2020

Great article, glad to have the information available for us to be able to read.

Deajay jones
August 15, 2020

Hey why is this not available in Utah?

steve holm
August 15, 2020


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