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Free Tena Products

Free Tena Products

Tena is one of the worldwide leaders in terms of incontinence products. They provide tons of different equipments in order to answer to the needs of as many people as possible: pads, pantyliners, male guards, briefs, underpads, protective underwears and even some skin care products. Their advanced systems are made to allow not to worry during the day or night and make sure you will comfortable. 

As Tena understands that every one has different expectations according to their bladder leakages, they allow you to try some of products for free in order to find the right products for you. Choose from three different kits in order to try the best products for your needs: light bladder leaks, moderate urine leaks to heavy incontinence and overnight protections. In each kit, there are products adapted to your needs as well as in-store coupons. 

How to get your free Tena products:

  • First, click on this link and you will be redirected to the Tena sample request webpage. 
  • Then, choose the kit you want to try according to your needs.
  • Enter a few information in order to organize the delivery of your package. 
  • Allow a few weeks for delivery.

Click here to receive your free Tena products

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