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Free #Positivity stickers

Free #Positivity stickers

Moshe Popack is a businessman and entrepreneur dedicated to supporting communities. One of his main goal is to promote engagement on several subjects such as mental health, education, housing and nutrition. Communities have been built around these subjects such as "Neighborhood Farms" which is a community garden. This project has the objective of raising awareness around healthy eating and environmental issues. One of the goal is to promote self sustainability in a community.

Moshe Popack is now giving away free #Positivity stickers. These colorful stickers will give a bit of joyfulness to the object you stick it on wether it is your laptop, fridge, car, notebook... On the Moshe Popack website, you can find many resources about different topics and the creation and development of events, projects and communities. Do not hesitate to check it out.

How to get a free #Positivity sticker from Moshe Popack:

  • First, click on this link and you will be redirected to the Moshe Popack sticker request webpage.
  • Then, fill out a short form with a few information such as your mailing address in order to organize the delivery of your package.
  • Allow a few weeks for delivery.

Click here to receive a free #Positivity sticker from Moshe Popack

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