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Free Nikwax Deodorising Conditioner for Activewear

Free Nikwax Deodorising Conditioner for Activewear

Nikwax has created a wonderful product for every one who enjoys being active and doing sports: BaseFresh. This product is a deodorising conditioner for your clothings and activewear pieces. Being active implies that your body will get hot and produce sweat. Even if you use appropriate activewear that dries quickly and keep moisture away, odors tend to build in the fabric and a regular washing powder will not completely remove them after a while. 

This is when BaseFresh comes into action. This product has been designed to remove all dirt and odors that stick to the fabric of your pieces of clothing. It simply needs to be added to your normal detergent to clean your activewear effectively without harming the fabric and its performances. With BaseFresh, you will be able to keep your activewear clean and effective for the longest time and keep being active while feeling fresh!

How to get a free sample of the BaseFresh by Nikwax:

  • First, click on this link and you will be redirected to the BaseFresh sample request webpage.
  • Then, click on "play the webquick" and answer the 5 easy questions displayed on your screen. Don't worry, a "clue" icon is here to help you in case you don't know the answer.
  • Answer all the questions correctly, enter your mailing information and the sample will be sent to you.

Click here to receive a free BaseFresh sample by Nikwax

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Herbert D. Griffin
July 27, 2020

Yes I Would like To Try To Wash My Active Wear And Gym Shoes In It!

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