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Free Chicken Tenders from Caulipower

Free Chicken Tenders from Caulipower

Caulipower is a food company producing all sorts of food items such as chicken tenders, pizzas, tortillas, sweet potaToasts and riced cauliflower. All of their products are incorporating cauliflower in a subtle way. By using cauliflower, their products are a healthier option than "regular" products but are as delicious. Do not hesitate to browse their website for chicken tenders recipes!

Right now, Caulipower is giving away free chicken tenders to the first 1,000 entrants so, don't miss your chance! Their chicken tenders are baked and not fried. This means that they do not use any wipes to remove the excess oil from the tenders or clean your greasy fingers after eating them. That's why Caulipower has decided to give away wet wipes to the ones who need it most.

How to get free Chicken Tenders from Caulipower:

  • First, click on this link and you will be redirected to the Caulipower sample request webpage.
  • Then, scroll down to the form. 
  • Enter a few information in order to organize the delivery of your package.
  • Click on "I pledge to save the wet wipes".
  • Allow a few weeks to receive your coupon by email.

Click here to get free Chicken Tenders from Caulipower

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