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Charmin Free Roll Extender

Charmin Free  Roll Extender

Charmin is one of the biggest toilet paper provider in the US. Since its creation in 1920, the company has never stopped innovating and making their products better and better. They want their customers to have a comfortable experience. Charmin guarantee the quality of their products. The company is also involved in being more sustainable while manufacturing their products.

Charmin is now sending away free roll extenders to anyone who request one. They simply ask you to limit your request to one per household. The roll extenders are super useful in order to fit larger toilet paper rolls on the extender. Do not look for special toilet paper rolls while doing your groceries, you can now choose any type of toiler paper rolls. You will be sure it fits your extender. This way your experience in the bathroom will become even more comfortable. 

How to get a free Charmin Roll Extender:

  • First, click on this link and you will be redirected to the Charmin Roll Extender request webpage.
  • Then, fill out a short form with your mailing information in order to organize the delivery of your package. 
  • Allow a few weeks for delivery.

Click here to get a free Charmin Roll Extender

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