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Augmented Reality Book

Augmented Reality Book

Ken Harvey and Terry Crews have written and developed an augmented reality book for which the title is Come Find Me. You might ask yourself: what is an augmented reality book? Well, it seems like a normal book in appearance but believe me, it is more than that! Once you have received your book, you will have to download an app on your phone called "Come Find Me". It is available in the Apple Store and Google Play. 

Terry Crews and Ken Harvey were playing basketball together in the NFL's Washington Redskins. Originally, at the beginning, this story was written for Ken Harvey's two sons and he decided to partner up again with Terry Crews, who was in charge of the illustrations. 

How to get this free augmented reality Come Find Me book:

  • First, click on this link and you will be redirected to the Come Find Me website.
  • Then, you will have to add to book to your cart and proceed to check out. 
  • Do not forget to put your discount code FINDME to get your free book.
  • If this code doesn't work, it means the current promotion is expired but don't worry, it might come back at a later date and we'll let you know!

Click here to get your free Come Find Me book

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