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Free Harvey Drymen ManButter Deodorant Samples

Free Harvey Drymen ManButter Deodorant Samples

Home of the ManButter is giving out a free sample of their Harvey Drymen ManButter Deodorant. It is an aluminum free deodorant as well as anti-chafing cream. It helps to keep you dry and control your overall comfort in areas that tend to retain a lot of moisture. This includes parts like the inner thighs, feet, and armpits.

The ManButter Deodorant contains a wide range of naturally nourishing antioxidants. More to that, it is a petroleum free ointment that’s not only antibacterial and antifungal but also antiviral. That’s not forgetting that its is all organic and vegan. Therefore, it is suitable for every day use. You don’t have to worry about itching, chaffing or athlete foot.

How do I get this Free Harvey Drymen ManButter Deodorant Sample?

  • First, click here and we will redirect you to the Home of the ManButter website.
  • Fill out the form provided with either your you shop samples request or personal sample request.
  • The sample may take a while before being shipped as there are many people reaching out. Therefore, give at least 4 weeks allowance for shipping via mail.
  • This sample is also limited to one piece per person while supplies last.


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