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Free 60 Days Complimentary Access to Skillsoft

Free 60 Days Complimentary Access to Skillsoft

During this global pandemic period, everyone is doing their best to stay safe and protect their loved ones. Welfare and health are the first priority for everyone, and Skillsoft is doing their best to play their part in keeping the world sane.

That’s why they are providing an opportunity for people to gain new experiences from their platform. With these experiences, you can get to develop skills that will enable you to work remotely. You will get free 60-day access to Percipio, which is a learning experience platform.

At Percipio, you will get highly engaging learning experiences that are curated into nearly 700 learning paths. And the best part is that these learning experiences are always updated to ensure you have access to some of the latest skills in the market.

How do I get this freebie?

  • First, click here and we will redirect you to Skillsoft offer page
  • Register to gain access to the free 60-day complimentary access
  • The good thing is that there is no commitment required

If you are enrolled at any University or College, you can get an extended 90-day access period. Also, this offer is available to US citizens only.

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